Milano Design Film Festival

Dedicated to architecture, urban planning and sustainability

Each year, Milano Design Film Festival brings together members of the public from a diverse cross-section of industries and disciplines – including architects, designers, producers, academics and students – in an event that aims to examine, celebrate and interrogate urban life and planning.

In 2017, MDFF takes place from 19 to 22 October at the new Palazzo del Cinema in Anteo SpazioCinema. Curated by research laboratory MiCueMilano Design, the festival uses film as a framework through which to view the city, comprehending architecture, design, sustainability and city planning in its uniquely interdisciplinary approach. MDFF features a variety of filmmaking techniques and genres, ranging from short film to features and documentaries, which are complemented by a programme of workshops, discussions and critical debate.

Aesop is passionate about architecture and design, and has a proud history of engagement with the industry; accordingly, it is our great pleasure to collaborate with MiCueMilano Design and to support MDFF. We are delighted to offer our clients a limited number of tickets to the festival. If interested in attending, please RSVP with your answer to the following question:

In which year was the inaugural MDFF held?

Kindly note that as tickets are limited in quantity, they will be offered to those who respond most swiftly with the correct answer. Successful respondents (only) will be notified by email.

To explore the full programme of MDFF events for 2017, we suggest thorough browsing of the festival website.