Aesop West End

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Aesop West End store interior

Drawing on the legacy of Oregon’s lumber industry

Our second Portland signature store, created in partnership with John Randolph and sibling to Aesop NW 23rd Avenue, is located between the Willamette River and a sylvan belt on its eastern edge. Its design references both Portland’s natural surrounds and the history of Burnside Street as a crucial thoroughfare.

The legacy of Oregon’s lumber industry inspired extensive use of locally sourced timber—the interior is clad entirely in Douglas Fir that was charred using the traditional Japanese technique of shō-sugi-ban, which not only confers a conspicuous silver-black patina but also fortifies against age, pests and elements.

Generous natural light floods the space from glass windows along two façades, lending a warmth to the dusky palette. An antique porcelain sink sits atop oxidised cast-iron supports whose stippled appearance hints at its age.

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