Aesop Saint-Honore store interior

An intricate and artful assemblage

Our store on rue Saint-Honoré is located in an eighteenth-century building in the heart of Paris, close to the Palais Royal. The design was created in partnership with Rodney Eggleston of Melbourne’s March Studio, and is a realisation of a materiality the architect felt best articulated Paris—parquetry.

Aesop Saint-Honore store interior shelving
Aesop Saint-Honore store interior shelving

The result is an interior embraced by timber—specifically, Victorian Ash, which is grown in renewable forests across Australia. Sourced in Melbourne, it was hand-cut into 3500 pieces and then hand-sanded, sealed and numbered according to meticulously drafted plans before being shipped to France to cover the floor, walls and ceiling.

Remarkable in its singular approach to materiality, Aesop Saint-Honoré is an exercise in elegant geometry. Even the sales counter has been constructed from the same pale timber; another slab is inset with a demonstration sink, crowned with blackened steel tapware.

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