Aesop Platform

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Aesop Platform Interior

An exploration of artifice and illusion

Aesop Platform is situated in a major retail centre in Hayden Tract, a former industrial area of Culver City, Los Angeles. Created in collaboration with local architecture firm Johnston Marklee, the design was inspired by the conventions of the film industry—in particular, the ways in which sets mimic actuality.

Brightly coloured wallpaper and plywood walls evoke the on-set experience; an artistic interpretation of Aesop amber glass bottles, the wallpaper provides visual depth and creates the illusion of a larger space. This effect is amplified by soft natural light, which enters through a centrally positioned skylight and washes the walls, creating a kaleidoscopic effect.

A monolithic sales counter with a built-in demonstration sink takes centre stage, anchoring the space. A complete range of products is housed in mirrored, backlit niches recessed into the walls and windows.

‘Nature is economical. She puts her lights and darks only where she needs them.’

William Morris Hunt