Aesop Oxford Exchange

Aesop Oxford Exchange store interior

Warm and tactile materiality

Our first Tampa signature store is situated in Oxford Exchange, a vibrant mixed-use venue comprising retail, dining and communal work spaces, housed in a sensitively refurbished 125-year-old stable.
Architect Frida Escobedo’s design for the 43-square metre space layers existing Neoclassical features with new materiality in the form of a porous-textured terracotta trough sink crafted by Florida-based ceramic artist John Byrd. This appealingly robust piece is inspired by traditional jars used to collect rain water, tinajón—large earthenware receptacles of ancestral significance and utilitarian function.
The store assumes a warm and inviting palette in harmony with its surrounds, achieved in part through extensive use of Walnut joinery and brass panelling. Defined by an orderly angularity, these fittings echo the diagonal planes of the timber flooring at the centre of the interior.