The Neutra VDL Studio and Residences:
Mark Cottle’s The Cost of Money

The Neutra VDL Studio and Residences has long stood as a modernist landmark. Designed by famed early twentieth-century architect Richard Neutra, the house is now an educational resource, exhibition space, and residence to artists, architects, and writers, who in turn create in-situ installations in response to the environment.  

This fall, artist Mark Cottle will present his exhibition The Cost of Money, a meditation on the steep human and environmental expenses of transactional society. The plastic shopping bag is used to represent the residue of consumerism, often associated with informal economies such as corner shops and takeout restaurants.  

Cottle’s fixation on the plastic bag has resulted in three large tapestries fashioned from recycled bags and twine. Each hangs from existing draperies within the house, participating in the structure’s spatial logic.

We are pleased to once again partner with The Neutra VDL Studio and to experience the work. Should you wish to learn more, please visit their website.

Photo: David Hartwell.