steirischer herbst ‘19

Artists of today, eyeing the world of tomorrow

The program of the 2019 edition of steirischer herbst festival is entitled Grand Hotel Abyss. The phrase was coined by philosopher Georg Lukács to describe the European intellectual and cultural scene of the 1930s, which remained largely oblivious to the rise of Nazism and fascism until it was too late, unable to foresee the impending catastrophe.

This year, 40-or-so artists and collectives were commissioned to create site-specific installations, films, performances and stage productions. Together, they offer and invite a meditation on the uses and dangers of hedonism in the face of impending collapse.

We are delighted to offer our valued customers vouchers that may be exchanged for festival passes at the Press Centre in Graz. If you’re interested, please write to, specifying whether you would like to come alone or with a guest, and indicating your preferred postal address so we can send your voucher(s) your way—alternatively, you may also pick them up at Aesop Getreidegasse in Salzburg. Please note that the number of passes is strictly limited; they will be awarded to the swiftest respondents, who will be notified by email.

Top Image: Daniel Mann and Eitan Efrat, Rn, 2019, video still, courtesy the artists

‘In art, one is either a revolutionary or a plagiarist.’

Paul Gauguin