Singapore Writers Festival

A multilingual feast for readers, writers and thinkers

Since its inception over 30 years ago, the Singapore Writers Festival has established itself as one of south-east Asia’s most eminent literary events. It is one of the only multilingual literary festivals in the world, honouring writing in Singapore’s four official languages—English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese—in a truly global celebration of world literature.

This year, the festival takes place from 3 to 12 November with the theme ‘Aram’, a Tamil term with a multitude of connotations, often translated in English as ‘ethics’, ‘good’ or ‘virtue’. The 2017 programme considers questions of humanity, morality and conscience at a pivotal moment in history.

Among this year’s many international guests are Junot Díaz (Dominican Republic/United States), Edouard Louis (France), Bernice Chauly (Malaysia), Julian Gough (Ireland) and Dipika Mukherjee (United States). Local highlights include Joshua Ip, Nilan Sengupta and Deborah Emmanuel, and acclaimed poet Anne Lee Tzu Pheng’s Literary Pioneer Lecture.

It is with great pleasure that we support the Singapore Writers Festival in presenting this vital programme of lectures, debates and conversations.



3 ro 12 November


Various venues, Singapore