Nasher Sculpture Prize:
Celebrating an artist whose work considers past, present, and future

Paul Ramirez Jonas, The Commons, 2011

Through April 22, 2018

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The Nasher Sculpture Prize is one of the most significant awards in the world dedicated exclusively to contemporary sculpture, presented annually to a living artist whose work challenges the understanding of the art form itself. In 2018, the Nasher Prize Laureate is Theaster Gates, whose remarkable work does just that. He reconsiders the status of object-making and expands the definition of sculpture to include space, place, and people’s interactions with it.

Gates does more than revitalize forgotten materials and spaces; his work is radical with intention and greatly considers its context, which is political, social, and historical. Unafraid, Gates does not just suggest new ways of seeing the world, but creates them, and in doing so, has made a multitude of spaces that reflect a more hopeful future.

We extend sincere congratulations to Theaster Gates and gratitude to the Nasher Sculpture Center for championing this impressive artist hosting five of his sculptures through April 22, 2018.