Recklessness and reformation

For temperamental hair

The hair’s personality is fickle, reactive to the surrounding environment and expressive of multiple moods. Our Hair Care helps to embrace the hair’s idiosyncrasies, with formulations to nurture its health, feel, and appearance.

An appreciation for natural character

Rather than disregard hair’s character, we prescribe individual care, addressing hair’s intricacies through a well-rounded regimen. Our products first attend the follicle, promoting a healthy scalp as the foundation of healthy hair, with a selection of formulations to Cleanse, Condition, Treat, and Groom the hair to its best expression.

The significance of a healthy scalp

Scalp condition has subsequent effects on the appearance of hair shafts. For dry or oily scalps, we offer gentle cleansing formulations to balance sebum production and conditioners that nourish hair without over-burdening the scalp. To remedy agitation from environmental aggressors, our treatment and grooming products both nourish and protect the scalp and hair.

Revelations for unruly hair

The hair’s need for attention can range from a slight seasonal adjustment to more intensive care following a chemical-colour treatment. Restoring a healthy expression to dry or damaged hair requires supplementary nourishment for the scalp and hair shaft. A selection of Aesop formulations below can nurture the roots, ends, or driest part of hair, as part of your care routine.

’A flower blossoms for its own joy.’

Oscar Wilde