Art Toronto

Deceptive simulacra at Aesop Rosedale

Roula Partheniou: Untethered (balloons), ongoing varied edition, resin, foam, automotive paint
Photograph: Toni Hafkenscheid, courtesy of MKG127

The millimetric precision and tonal consistency with which our amber bottles line our shelves is somewhat reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s famed 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans. Until 30 October, at Aesop Rosedale, this distant kinship will be more manifest than ever, as we host a selection of works by local artist Roula Partheniou—part of our partnership with Art Toronto, the country’s most bountiful showcase of contemporary art.

Picking up where pop art left off, Roula builds replicas of everyday objects to comment on the world around us, or rather on how it speaks to us, and how we perceive it. Paper cups of lacquered wood and balloons of foam coated in automotive paint; fake Rubik’s cubes that don’t swivel and bogus Post-It notes that don’t stick: her deadpan creations deceive the eye and startle the senses out of their usually placid relationship with reality.

Whether in the middle of a shopping spree or of a gallery crawl, you are warmly invited to visit the store and experience Roula’s playful and cerebral artefacts.

‘Art is not a study of actual reality—it is a search for ideal truth.’

George Sand