Aesop Nikolaistraße

Aesop Nikolaistrasse store interior

Layers of history and textural contrasts

Situated on Nikolaistraße, our first space in this historic city—home to the world’s oldest book fair—was created in collaboration with Munich-based architecture firm and long-time collaborators einszu33.

Aesop Nikolaistrasse store interior table detail
Aesop Nikolaistrasse store interior shelving

Influenced by a layered history, the interior references the aesthetics of the prefabricated designs that shaped much of the defunct Deutsche Demokratische Republik. Contemporary elements reflective of Leipzig’s post-reunification development offer pleasing contrasts.

Within the rough concrete façade, the interior features green- and grey-hued walls lined with shelving composed of powder-coated metal and translucent glass tiles, reflective of the industrial uniformity that characterised Leipzig when Germany’s East and West were demarcated. In striking variation, the centrally positioned point-of-sale counter is crafted from oiled Plywood with rounded edges.

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