Aesop Nakanoshima Festival Plaza

Aesop Nakanoshima Festival Plaza store view featuring counter and products.

Locally quarried tatsuyama-ishi—pale, speckled blue stone

Situated within Osaka’s Festival Plaza complex, Aesop Nakanoshima FESTIVAL PLAZA was created in partnership with CASE-REAL. Its design pays homage to the city’s rich cultural life, particularly to nearby Festival Hall, which has hosted many esteemed artists and remains home to Osaka’s Philharmonic Orchestra.

The interior makes extensive use of tatsuyama-ishi, a pale, speckled blue stone quarried locally for more than 1700 years. Used in centuries past for the coffins of significant leaders, more recently it has been a material of choice for various architectural applications, including pre-war buildings that line this precinct.

Here, the stone furnishes generously proportioned fixtures within the space, lending it a calming sense of order. Accents from gold-coloured stainless steel effects a balancing warmth, a visual counterpoint that marries beautifully to produce a soft textural palette. The angular, sloping ceiling adds a subtle interplay of light and shadow reminiscent of a theatrical performance.

‘Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome.’

Amelia Barr