Aesop Luitpoldblock

Aesop Luitpoldblock store interior

Brutalist functionality softened by refined accents

Our first signature store in Munich—and seventh in Germany—is tucked within historic city centre, the Luitpoldblock. Created in partnership with local firm einszu33, the design effects striking contrasts in materiality and texture.

Aesop Luitpoldblock store window logo
Aesop Luitpoldblock store interior shelving and sink

Several Brutalist elements, including a centrally positioned concrete counter and tiered concrete ceiling, resonate with the surrounding architecture. A Carrara marble top and sink soften the atmosphere of the interior. In the adjoining space, a rounded concrete sink affords extended consultations, and vintage furnishings invite repose.

A vertical trapeze of aged brass descends from the ceiling and sits in the window, which yields generous views of the urban square beyond. The interior wall opposite the window is finished with soft velvet panels, which catch light and reflect rosy hues that shift throughout the course of the day.

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