Aesop Kreuzberg

Aesop Kreuzberg store interior

A contemporary reimagining of a mid-century workspace.

Aesop Kreuzberg, created by our in-house Design Department, is located close to our partners at Concierge Coffee and the Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Employing robust materials and simple forms, its design pays homage to the robust beauty of utilitarian objects and industrial spaces, and effects an informal contemporary revision of a mid-century workshop.

Primary inspirations were the rise of the twentieth-century factory and its more ironic depictions, as in Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times; and the dynamic neighbourhood’s history as a hub for alternative social and political movements.

An arrangement of five vintage desks runs like an assembly line down the centre of the interior; their separate functions—from sink to packing table—give openness and animation to the ‘shop floor’. The bold blue used throughout references strong Modernist palettes; it is tempered by horizontal bands of oxidised aluminium shelving.

‘Counsel woven into the fabric of real life is wisdom.’

Walter Benjamin