Aesop Bärengasse

Aesop Bärengasse store interior

An unassuming material used to handsome effect

Like our inaugural Zurich signature store, on Oberdorfstrasse, Aesop Bärengasse was created in partnership with Rodney Eggleston of Melbourne’s March Studio. While the former employs recycled hoarding boards as the primary construction material, Aesop Bärengasse is constructed entirely from a single modest yet texturally rich material: cork.

The overall design suggests a cork whole from which the interior has been meticulously carved out. The consultation counter and large custom cork light boxes are suspended from the five-metre high ceiling to ensure the store’s vertical qualities are not only retained, but amplified.

Filling the space with these variously sized blocks, the cubic sea of movement suggests optimism and curiosity through the complex geometric possibilities contained within. The ballet of hanging cork is finished with three Benjamin Hubert cork pendant light fixtures and a hand-painted matte gold ceiling.

Aesop Barengasse store facade
Aesop Barengasse store shelving

‘Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man.’

Madame de Staël