Activating space
Celebrating modernist architecture

To celebrate our new collection of Aromatique Room Sprays, Aesop will scent the Schindler House and the Neutra VDL House with the room sprays through August 14.



Designed by modernist architect Richard Neutra, the VDL House in Silver Lake harnesses the architectural possibilities of light, air and reflectivity.

Built in 1932 as a research house—an experimental hybrid of family home and work studio—the building sits in dialogue with nature. Wrapped around a shaded central courtyard, large swathes of glazing combine with open volumes and sliding glass doors to connect inside with out.

Aesop is pleased to scent the first floor of the building with Olous Aromatique Room Spray—a scent that mirrors the architecture’s quality of lightness. Inspired by the building’s rich intellectual and artistic history, the second floor will feature the stimulating aroma of Istros Aromatique Room Spray.

‘A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimension.’

Oliver Wendell Holmes