A sensory installation, unveiled at Aesop Queen Street West

You are invited to visit Aesop Queen Street West to experience ‘Epistēmē’—an evocative, sensory installation featuring seven short films created in collaboration with Dutch artist Bart Hess, as part of the DesignTO Festival.

Named after the Ancient Greek word for knowledge and understanding, the installation was born of the belief that we absorb knowledge through the senses, with the skin acting as an interface between the body and the world around us.

Inspired by this understanding, Aesop reimagined the space as a theatre of the senses, portraying the moment Aesop formulations touch the skin’s surface through aroma, with sound design by Ricky van Broekhoven, tactile materiality, sculptural intervention, and Hess’s film work.


巴爾特·赫斯(Bart Hess)是一位擅長運用各種材質、利用人體展現新型科技的概念藝術家。他的作品在驚世駭俗與耳目一新之間遊走,營造出充滿活力的新奇感官體驗。


‘All our knowledge begins with the senses.’

Immanuel Kant