A droplet-shaped demonstration sink serves as an objet d’art.

Our Starfield Hannam store was conceived in collaboration with Seoul-based design studio 2Rabbit. The vast space melds elegant traditional elements with striking contemporary forms, effecting harmony between otherwise contrasting features.

Sinuous and serene, a droplet-shaped demonstration sink serves as an objet d’art that stands out against the monochromatic concrete backdrop, anchoring the space and subtly guiding movement through the interior. Its central placement implicitly invites visitors to gather, alluding subtly to a park setting in which visitors flock around a lake.

Facade, ceiling and walls are made of rough-textured bush hammered concrete; the floor features complementary grey speckled terrazzo. In pleasing contrast, the sink is finished with cheongbaekja tiling. A contemporary interpretation of traditional Korean ceramics, the celadon porcelain tiles were purpose-made for the store by esteemed ceramics company KwangJuYo.

‘If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it.’

William James