Aesop Passy store interior

Aesop Lyon is situated on rue du Président-Édouard-Herriot – one of the most notable shopping streets of the Presqu'île in Lyon, protected under UNESCO World Heritage Site listings.

In accordance with Lyon’s rich cultural history, Aesop’s in-house Design Department sought to reanimate the original charm of the 1960s tobacconist, refurbishing the façade with a delicate and refined touch. The process of restoration involved meticulous cleaning and repairing, which in turn highlighted the extensive use of brass and black marble on the exterior, unveiling a sense of grandeur through tactful restraint.
Compact yet intimate, the 12-square metre interior negotiates space through the dual entrance and considered placement of L-shaped cabinets and single brass sink. While the design details are fine and discrete, the bold red colour palette effects a vibrant contrast between the interior and exterior. The shades of red are punctuated by the repurposed brass consoles, and the conspicuous mirror placement above the cabinet alludes to a greater sense of height.

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