Aesop Ngee Ann City store interior

Rounded profiles and a soft palette

Created in partnership with architecture firm Asylum, the design for Aesop Ngee Ann was inspired by the courtyards of traditional Peranakan homes, and effects a fresh interpretation of traditional methods, forms and materials.

The overall design language is warm, with two entrances, rounded profiles and a soft palette providing a sense of welcome reflective of Asian hospitality. Tarnished copper is used on the façade and the linear shelving. Flooring is treated in terrazzo, a material commonly favoured in old Singapore houses for its cooling properties.

The same salmon-tinted terrazzo continues seamlessly to the sink and sales counter to unite the space as one consistent element. The demonstration sink is the centrepiece, akin to a well in a courtyard where daily routines take place.

‘The dream, alone, is of interest. What is life, without a dream?’

Edmond Rostand