Aesop Knox

Aesop Knox pink store interior

A design recalling the atmospheric, mineral landscapes in Wim Wenders’s film, Paris, Texas.

Created by our in-house Design Department, our signature store in Knox marks a first presence for Aesop in Dallas. Inspired by the vast scale of the Texan desert, the design for the 600-square foot space draws upon the generous dimensions of the local streetscape and the height of the tenancy, emphasizing verticality and mineral contrasts.

Upon entry, a narrow threshold conditions passage into the interior; loose aggregate underfoot combines with a frame coated in resin-bonded stone to embrace human scale, before the space opens to a large, vertical volume. This play of scale references one of the design’s major visual references, Wim Wenders’s film Paris, Texas, which juxtaposes human frailty with the monolithic Texas landscape.

This theme of contrast continues through materiality and palette, with counter surfaces, furniture and flooring coated in the same rosy-hued stone as the entry frame—a material otherwise common to outdoor applications. With subtle tonal shifts, the soft pink color of the stone is reproduced throughout the store in powder-coated shelving and gently scalloped plywood wall panels.

In an enduring ode to the cinematic quality of the Texan Landscape, and its influence upon the store’s design, the film Paris, Texas will be screened in the space permanently.

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