Aesop Hibiya Chanter

Aesop Hibiya store interior

‘The interior explores alternative modes of occupation, its operable devices blurring conventional understanding of boundaries to define shifts from day to night and open to closed.’

Our tenth Tokyo signature store is situated within the Hibiya Chanter centre. Created in partnership with Tokyo-based Shingo Masuda + Katsuhisa Otsubo Architects, its design makes inventive use of space to honour both the suburb’s commercial tradition and its verdant outdoor precincts.
The interior explores large-scale operable devices, blurring conventional understanding of occupation to define shifts from day to night and open to closed: the central section of the point-of-sale slides open to reveal a capacious sink; and a large door functions as a partition to conceal a storeroom. In this regard, the store effects an interpretation of traditional vendors—in which shop fixtures are used to occupy the street when open and pack away entirely at night.
Pebble wash flooring crafted subtly blurs distinctions between interior and exterior and emphasises a material agenda of externality, along with sink and product display shelving marked by the use of copper—whose warmth and softness complements the hue of coated steel countertops.