Aesop Ala Moana

Aesop Ala Moana store interior

Inspired by organic forms of the natural landscape

Created in collaboration with Toronto-based architecture firm süperkul, Aesop Ala Moana is located within the Honolulu retail centre of the same name. Following a relocation from its original site in the complex, it retained its original design, which effects a sense of relaxed hospitality.

The interior takes cues from distinctive local elements; in this case, the significance of the kalo (taro) plant as symbolic ancestor in Hawaiian spiritual tradition, and its everyday role as a nourishing staple. Here, the plant is abstracted to its vertical and horizontal components, which form the structure and surface of walls, counters and display elements.

Inside the intimate retail area, horizontal patinated bronze shelves and displayed products evoke leaves and shoots. Matte charcoal-grey porcelain tiles have been selected for the floor, recalling the island’s volcanic geology.

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