An evening at Théâtre Poche

  • Tuesday, 29 January. Apéro at 7pm, play at 8pm.
    Rue du Cheval-Blanc 7
    1204 Genève

We are delighted to renew our partnership with Théâtre Poche, Geneva’s premier purveyor of contemporary drama.

Since its 1948 founding in a converted apartment, the theatre has garnered sustained acclaim for its audacious and discerning programme, which consists entirely of new commissions from emerging authors, and for its commitment to attracting new categories of spectators. Its productions put the text front and centre, but also aim to leave a space for active thought and imagination between the words and sentences—fertile gaps for the mind to expand.

This approach is particularly well-suited to Havre, a play in creation by the young Ontarian playwright Mishka Lavigne, which deals with absence—and, per chance, how to fill it. It begins as the protagonist learns of her mother’s death, an event concomitant to the opening of a mysterious chasm in the street outside her house.

It is a true pleasure to invite our valued customers to the second public performance of the play on Tuesday, 29 January, which will be prefaced by an aperitif, and by an introduction courtesy of the theatre’s director. After the play, the writer, director and cast will stick around for an ‘edge-of-the-stage’ discussion with the audience.

To attend this evening of comprehensive theatrical stimulation, please RSVP to by 26 January. If you would like to bring a guest, you are most welcome to do so; just be sure to specify their name so it can be added to the list. Please note that the number of available seats is limited; they will be awarded to the swiftest respondents.

‘The theatre is a crucible for civilisation.’

Victor Hugo