Setouchi Triennale 2019: A cultural feast to savour

WHERE: Across the Seto Inland Sea

Spring: Friday 26 April – Sunday 26 May
Summer: Friday 19 July – Sunday 25 August
Autumn: Saturday 28 September – Monday 4 November

First launched in 2010, the Setouchi Triennale is a large-scale art festival hosted at venues across the Seto Inland Sea. Lasting for 100 days and divided into three main sessions, Setouchi Triennale 2019 brings creations by an impressive line-up of artists and architects from around the world to the region’s breathtaking landscapes and charming communities.

In the Edo period (1603–1868), Setouchi was a main transportation link between Japan’s coastal areas, and between Japan and other countries such as China and Korea. Development of land transportation since the Meiji Restoration, which began in 1868, has reduced its significance as a transport route, and the region is now experiencing population ageing and shrinkage. This fourth edition of the Triennale, with ‘Restoration of the Sea’ as its theme, has a specific aim—to revitalise communities in the Setouchi region. We encourage all with an abiding interest in contemporary art and architecture, as well as local history, to join us this summer and autumn, and travel from island to island to make the most of the Triennale.

Among the wealth of art and architecture on show, we would recommend the Benesse House Area on Naoshima, designed by renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The LABYRINTH OF CHERRY BLOSSOM, also by the architect, is one of the newest gems on the island. In addition, Teshima Art Museum, created by Ryue Nishizawa in collaboration with artist Rei Naito, offers a sublime artistic experience. On Saturday 24 August, Japanese performance group White Asparagus will stage a dance show at the Ogi Fishing Port Area on Ogijima. Titled Wonder Water Ogijima ver., the work pays tribute to the beauty of the ocean.

We warmly urge you to visit the Setouchi Triennale 2019 website to learn about the festival offerings and plan your visit.

Photo:Setouchi Triennale Executive Committee