The cycle of skin

  • Through 31 March, 2019
  • Rue de la Fontaine 15, 1204 Geneva
+41 (0)22 311 87 00

In March, Aesop Geneva hosted an installation created by students of HEAD – Genève, celebrating the dynamics of healthy skin. Inspired by shojis—the translucent Japanese rice paper partitions—the window display represented the skin as a porous barrier, perpetually mediating between the body and its surroundings. As for the circular forms, they nodded to the regenerative cycle that sustains the skin.

This is the third yearly implementation of our partnership with HEAD – Genève (Geneva School of Art and Design), an institution that offers a number of cross-pollinating curricula, including Fine Arts, Cinema and Interior Architecture. From its home base at the heart of the city, it has developed close links with the local artistic community, while also promoting international collaboration. It is committed to nurturing students’ freedom and critical thinking, as well as personal and social responsibility, through sustained dialogue with professors as well as personal research.

This year, the partnership took the form of a two-week workshop led by Andreas Dalmas, co-founder of the Madrid-based architecture and design practice Ciszak Dalmas. The students were given a brief outlining our aesthetic, and a request that the installation should serve as a showcase for Aesop cleansers. Their creation has now been taken down, and a thorough clean-up has been effected. Our own formulations for meticulous scrubbing have migrated back onto their shelves, ready to be picked up again.

‘The true method of knowledge is experiment.’

William Blake