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NIRIN: The Biennale of Sydney 2020

Biennale of Sydney 2020

NIRIN NGAAY artist takeover by Stuart Geddes and Trent Walter at Aesop The Rocks

Monday 9 March to Monday 30 March 2020

Aesop The Rocks

95 George Street
Sydney 2000

In March, the Biennale of Sydney launches under the direction of contemporary artist Brook Andrew. NIRIN, an artist- and First Nations-led event featuring 98 practitioners from around the world, opens on Monday 16 March. Its title means ‘edge’ in Wiradjuri language, that of Andrew’s mother’s nation; with a focus on disrupting dominant historical narratives, complex dialogues, and the decolonisation of art, the 2020 Biennale aims to centre stories and experiences that have often been relegated to the periphery of society.

Over the course of the Biennale, two of our Sydney spaces—Aesop The Rocks and Aesop Sydney—will host a number of artists and their work, bringing a sliver of the event’s programme in-store.

From 9 to 30 March, Aesop The Rocks will be given over to participating artists Stuart Geddes and Trent Walker, who produced NIRIN NGAAY, a Biennale reader, for the event. Geddes and Walker will extrapolate the publication to the build environment, creating a conceptually and materially dynamic installation that offers different means of interpreting—or ‘reading’—the text via all five senses. Copies of NIRIN NGAAY will also be available for purchase in-store.

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Performances by selected Biennale of Sydney artists at Aesop Sydney

  • Jota Mombaça: 10.00–11.00, Saturday 14 March

  • Mirrah: 10.00–11.00, Saturday 28 March

  • DJ Diola and Bankstown Poetry Slam participants: 10.00–11.00, Saturday 4 April

  • Brian Fuata: 10.00–11.00, Saturday 6 June

Aesop Sydney

Shop 2047, 188 Pitt Street
Sydney 2000

Aesop Sydney’s purpose-built amphitheatre hosts a series of Saturday-morning performances from Biennale artists, including Jota Mombaça, mirrah, Bankstown Poetry Slam participants, DJ Diola and Brian Fuata, in addition to an ongoing in-store digital exhibition.

It is with profound pleasure that we count the Biennale of Sydney among our valued cultural partners. For a comprehensive list of participating artists, and to learn more about the programme, we encourage you to browse the Biennale’s website at leisure.

‘Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.’

Paul Klee