Aesop Saint-Sulpice store interior

Aesop’s Saint-Sulpice signature store, on rue du Vieux Colombier, was created in collaboration with Italian architects Dimore Studio. The firm’s hallmark approach – ‘evocative of far-off and distant times, counterpoised between softness and rigidity, light and dark’ is well in keeping with the history and culture of this elegant, unhurried neighbourhood. In the manner of the area’s older boutiques and private homes, opulent materials such as bronze, marble and velvet create an intimate welcome and transport the visitor to a place both curiously contemporary and reassuringly ‘ancien’.

Set against sumptuous pink velvet, a bronze vanity extends from the store’s large front window to its rear. The striking fixture houses three sinks and two vintage mirrors. Across the marble chessboard floor, a timber-framed wall unit displays the brand’s product offering on bronze shelves.

Soft blue-grey dominates the interior palette and effects a pervasive calm; complemented by the warm metallic accents, which are reiterated in the point-of-sale counter and two bronze chairs from the Dimore Studio collection. The store’s chandeliers were also sourced from the collection.

A spiral staircase at the rear echoes the ovals of metalwork that frame the top of the store’s façade. Behind the stairs, a hidden opening was discovered and fashioned into a window. Customers can explore and select from a complete range of skin, hair and body care products, distinguished by botanical and laboratory-generated ingredients of the highest quality.

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