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Aesop Fillmore Street store interior

Visual and tactile intrigue in a storied neighbourhood

Our first store in San Francisco is situated on Fillmore Street, in a neighbourhood shaped by consecutive influxes of Eastern European, Japanese and African-American residents, and the heydays of American jazz and rock.

The result of a collaboration with Boston- and New York-based architectural firm NADAAA, this space is sibling to another launched simultaneously in Manhattan’s SoHo district. Both stores have been designed around a fascination with pre-twentieth century apothecaries and twenty-first century skin care.

The predominant element in each is a tapestry of shelving crafted from reclaimed wooden boxes. Subdivided by the varying dimensions of the boxes, the arrangement invites visual and tactile exploration; its dominance is balanced here by a cork wall and ceiling, and dark Masonite flooring.

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‘San Francisco has only one drawback: ’tis hard to leave.’

Rudyard Kipling