Aesop Bishop Arts store interior

A space of smooth curves and solid geometries; stainless steel and tempered smoked glass; volume and void—perfectly in balance

For our second Dallas signature store, we looked to the city’s vibrant Bishop Arts district. Conceived by our in-house Design Department, the space is defined by its unembellished simplicity—an approach shaped by spare anatomy of its host building, an original warehouse that dates to the early twentieth century.

Of generous proportions, the light and airy nature of the loft lends itself to large-scale objects and a level of abstraction inspired by the codes of minimalism. Following this impulse, the interior is defined by the tension of rough domestic pieces, such as a vintage roll-top writing desk, with a series of untreated, furniture-like interventions surrounded by negative space.

bishop arts store interior
Bishop Arts store interior

The oversized sales counter comprises three identically spaced volumes, constructed using thick panels of flamed Red Oak topped with blackened steel, punctuating the centre of the interior. Demonstration sinks, set against walls of Arenino plaster, follow the same pattern. In contrast to these rectilinear elements, a curved shelving system carves a monolithic, sinuous arc across the floorplan

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