The Melodist, one of Aesop's Of Muse and Myth Seasonal Gift Kits

The Melodist

Scent interior spaces with reviving aroma, combat the malodorous, and gently cleanse hands and body with these home and bathroom staples.

  • About this kit
    A trio of aromatic essentials for hearth and home
  • Contents
    Olous Aromatique Room Spray, Post-Poo Drops, Body Cleansing Soap Slab
Top view of The Melodist Gift Kit
How to use

Refresh skin before imbuing your environment with enduring aroma.

  • Olous Aromatique Room Spray 3.4 fl oz 100 mLSpray two to three pumps to stimulate the senses with fresh notes of green citrus; refresh as needed.
  • Post-Poo Drops 3.4 fl oz 100 mLDispense into the toilet bowl after flushing, to release crisp aromatic notes of citrus and florals.
  • Body Cleansing Soap Slab Net wt 3.5 oz 100 gWork this non-drying, aromatic soap into a rich lather. Massage over soaked skin, then rinse thoroughly.
The Melodist
For seasonal giving

The gift of sensory delight

One of five kits in the seasonal ‘Of Muse and Myth’ collection, The Melodist pays homage to the enchanting Muse of music, Euterpe. She makes for an ideal home gift for those who breathe general sweetness into the surrounding atmosphere, be it in the spaces they cultivate for themselves or for friends and family.

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