Headlands Center for the Arts :
For the flourishing of artists

For much of the year, the Headlands Center for the Arts reserves its pastoral serenity for those who make something there. A residency for multidisciplinary artists, Headlands provides an unparalleled environment for the creative process, aiding in pursuits of new themes and fascination. The center maintains several public programs to showcase the work that originates there, including a seasonal dinner and exhibitions.

This fall, Headlands will host Project Space, site-specific exhibitions that reflect the information and experience acquired during an artist’s residency. Artists Ji Yeon Lim and Fiamma Montezemolo will present installations showcasing their recent research. Lim created ‘virtual sculptures’ using digital means that reference transcultural symbols found during her residency. Montezemolo’s work combines architecture, myth, and film in a maze-like installation created in reference to contested borders.

It is a pleasure support Headlands in their keen investment in sparking dialogue and research in the arts. In an effort to extend our appreciation outward, you are kindly invited to vie for a seat at the Fall Members Dinner, to be held on Wednesday, October 3, in the company of the current artists in residence. Kindly express your interest in the column on the left.

Should you wish to learn more about Headlands Center for the Arts, please visit their website.