Urban guides with a long shelf life

Portrait of a City

Cereal Guide Main Image

Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton have long suffered from a severe case of the traveling bug. In 2012, this affliction led them to found Cereal, a biannual travel and style magazine geared towards fellow design-conscious, discerning wanderers. To this day, they still visit every venue mentioned in every issue personally, and the same holds true of the book-length City Guides the magazine has published since 2016.

These are replete with the kind of under-the-radar finds too often absent from traditional guides, from small cafés where nary a word of foreign language is spoken, to intimate shops and eclectic galleries. These highly personal, trustworthy recommendations are supplemented by original photography, long-form essays and in-depth interviews that extend the volume’s value far beyond the duration of a single trip.

When we learned that the relaunch of three beloved tomes in the series (Paris, London and New York) in a new, expanded format would coincide with the opening of Aesop Bath—Bath being the city the magazine calls home—it felt only natural to host the books’ launch event in the first-floor library of our new store. We served cheese, bread and cider, all from local West Country producers that would well deserve inclusion in a forthcoming edition.

‘They say travel broadens the mind; but you must have the mind.’

G.K. Chesterton