Aesop Toulouse


Our first signature store in Toulouse is situated on the rue Boulbonne, in the heart of the city’s historic centre. The interior takes spatial cues from the adjacent Place Saint Georges and local architectural history to appear almost as an extension of the exterior public space. It contrasts structural simplicity with varied textures, underpinned by a palette that is at once rough and mineral, luminous and refined.

The Aesop in-house Design Department worked with a local company to create a mosaic floor of hand-cut white marble; wide spacing and variations in tone showcase the stones’ irregularity and the craft involved in their making. The same mosaic work covers the point-of-sale and trapeze. Walls incorporate local clays and silicates in reference to the city’s artisanal tradition. This approach – handcrafting mineral materials to give them greater depth and character – is strongly influenced by traditional architectural craft. The store’s striking centrepiece is a resin sink of sculptural form and exaggerated size, crafted by Dutch artist Sabine Marcelis. Its trough-like appearance, honeyed finish and textural irregularities draw immediate attention and tactile exploration, inviting visitors to gather and share a moment with consultants.