An evening at Théâtre de Vidy

  • Friday 17 May, Aperitif at 18.30, Play at 20.00
  • Avenue Emile-Henri-Jaques-Dalcroze 5,
    1007 Lausanne

On Friday 17 May, we are inviting our Lausanne customers—as well as those just passing through—to attend the final performance of Sopro at Théâtre de Vidy. This new opus by playwright and director Tiago Rodrigues revolves around a theatre of which nothing is left, save the memories of a stage prompter—a crew member whose existence is usually expected to remain invisible to the audience. The word ‘sopro’ is Portuguese for ‘breath’, referring both to that ungraspable thing that sustains us and to the whispers of a stage prompter. (Please note that the play will be in Portuguese, with French surtitles.)

Théâtre de Vidy is known for its strenuous efforts in expanding the reach of contemporary creation beyond the habitual theatre-going audience. This is the second time Vidy is presenting a new creation by Tiago Rodrigues, whose approach emphasizes the freedom and agency of the actors, and their creative contribution to the spectator’s experience.

As a curtain-raiser, Rodrigues will introduce his work in person to the audience, and prior to that, we will co-host a convivial aperitif in the theatre’s foyer-bar with Théâtre de Vidy. Part of a building designed by architect Max Bill for the 1964 national exposition, the space opens onto Lake Geneva, with the Alps as sublime backdrop.

Please note that the number of available seats is strictly limited. They will be awarded to the swiftest respondents, and will need to be picked up at Aesop Lausanne

‘The theatre should turn thought into the bread of the crowd.’

Victor Hugo