Aesop Tokyo Midtown

Aesop Tokyo Midtown interior

Inspired by the meticulous order of laboratories

Aesop Midtown was created in partnership with locally based Torafu Architects, with whom we have designed a number of stores. It was inspired by the linearity and meticulous ordering seen in traditional laboratories—a reference to the scientific rigour integral to our philosophy and approach to product formulation.

A stainless steel counter occupies the central area, segmented into sales counter and demonstration sink. Three spherical glass bulbs descend from the ceiling to provide water during client consultations, drawing focus to the sink to emphasise its significance in product demonstrations.

Product is displayed on stainless steel shelving that extends to the ceiling and accentuates the space’s ample height; bright Daiko downlights further emphasise scientific influences, while a mortar floor affords textural contrast.

‘Some say they see poetry in my paintings; I see only science.’

Georges Seurat