Aesop Crows Nest store interior

A design deeply rooted in the domestic

Our Crows Nest signature store was created in partnership with local designer Henry Wilson, who also worked on our space across the bay in Darling Street, Balmain.

Local built heritage—particularly modest Federation, Queen Anne and Victorian dwellings—informed a design in keeping with residential roots. For example, the interior immediately exudes a warm domesticity by dint of oiled native Tallowwood, which furnishes cabinetry, shelving and flooring.

Balanced contrast is achieved via a monolithic brass dividing wall and point-of-sale. The raw metal is intended gradually to acquire a patina consistent with daily use. Afternoon light reflects softly off these gilded elements, highlighting the foliage of a rubber plant which sprawls from a built-in niche to complement a vintage armchair upholstered in green velvet.

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‘We turn not older with years, but newer every day.’

Emily Dickinson