Aesop ABC-Viertel

Aesop ABC-Viertel store interior

Clean elegance in a historic setting

Our first Hamburg space was created in collaboration with Antwerp firm Vincent Van Duysen Architects, and features a Facial Treatment room. Its design relies on simple, natural materials, and is informed by two primary influences: the building’s status as a protected historic site, and ABC-Viertel’s vibrant, sophisticated milieu.

Walls and ceiling have been stripped back to their original state and clad in pale, roughly textured plaster. A sink of solid bluestone, conceived as a sculptural element and evocative of ancient fountains, effects a commanding presence. Bluestone is also used for flooring, working in concert with the plastered surfaces to define a serene and timeless setting.

Display shelves are crafted from untreated European Oak and blackened steel—the latter referencing the store’s original cast-iron facade. Floor-length linen curtains hang in a discreet curve behind the central counter, secluding the treatment room from the retail area.

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‘Unity and simplicity are the two true sources of beauty.’

Johann Joachim Winckelmann