An Aesop installation

A multi-sensory experience in collaboration with Happy Design House

We are pleased to collaborate with Happy Design House magazine once again – this time with an installation to mark the launch of our newest fragrance, Hwyl Eau de Parfum.

The installation, to be hosted at [venue name here] in Seoul’s Bukchon Hanok Village, introduces Hwyl via a multi-sensory experience involving visual, auditory and aromatic elements that chart the inspiration and concept behind the fragrance.

A hypnotic video installation offers a hint of the landscape conjured by Hwyl; while an original score evokes its stillness and space, underpinned by the fragrance’s aromatic notes of Cypress, Frankincense and Vetiver to create an immersive experience. The installation honours the elegance of nature’s forms, bringing a sliver of wilderness indoors with moss and sinuous tree branches.

Happy House Design subscribers are invited to view the installation between 21 and 23 September at [venue name here].