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In Two Minds

Combination Skin Care

Introducing a new range to restore equilibrium and nourish the surface, designed specifically for combination skin.

A skin of many moods

Explore an expanded selection of products suited to combination skin, including formulations to cleanse, treat and hydrate without overburdening the skin.

A Guide to Seasonal Skin Care

On Winter’s Horizon

For enduring the harshness of wintertime, consider our seasonal skin care guide, replete with recommendations for times of intensified dehydration.

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Winter skin care

For enduring the harshness of the season, gentle and hydrating offerings alleviate wintertime skin concerns.

The Fabulist

A literary pleasure

Published quarterly, The Fabulist brings together fiction and non-fiction by emerging and established writers across the globe whose work we admire, along with incisive interviews of extraordinary individuals.

The Fabulist
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‘One is fruitful only at the cost of being rich in contradictions.’

Friedrich Nietzsche