The Weekly

It is our pleasure to have this week’s edition of The Weekly curated and introduced by our LGBTQIA+ customers and friends.


EDUCATE ‘…yourself on gender diversity. Support trans rights, especially Black trans women who are on the frontline of systemic oppression. Gendered Intelligence is a great place to start.’

WATCH ‘…exquisite short films by Joseph Wilson, passionate documentarian of Queer London. Unmissable IL-WIDNA explores a dystopian Queer community formed as a result of the anti-LGBTQIA+ Clause 28.’

DISCOVER ‘…art by painter and maker Stupendous Tremendous. The clue is in the name. His beautiful atmospheric paintings leave me mesmerised.’

Hannah Dickins

‘The Black community has had a profound vision and influence in all things creative, especially in the worlds of design, music, literature, community, and film. We must celebrate and support those who inspire us and feed the soul. I am honoured to share some of these storytellers and purveyors who inspire me today with a vision for tomorrow. #Support BIackCreatives’

‘I have always been inspired by vintage and BLK MKT Vintage is truly one of the best in the world! Founders and couple Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart have curated a love story of Black culture that ignites all the creative senses. Check out Collecting While Black, a digital dialogue that celebrates the voices of creatives and their love stories with vintage pieces… simply amazing! #SupportBlackBusinesses’

WATCH ‘I am a huge fan of James Baldwin's novels, short stories and plays. All are beautiful explorations on themes of masculinity, race, sexuality and class. The movie If Beale Street Could Talk is a remarkable adaptation of the novel by one of the greats, Barry Jenkins. Barry directed one of my other favs, Moonlight. Both films are simply moving from start to finish. #SupportBlackFiIms #SupportBlackDirectors’

Randy Cousin

INDULGE ‘…in some homely cooking with a delicious Southern cornbread—or any of Lazarus Lynch’s other amazing soul food recipes.’

GET ‘…creative and learn about the world of art from the comfort of your own home with the wonderful Grayson Perry.’

Davie Hayes

LISTEN ‘…to Moses Sumney græ. This album takes me back to 6pm on the first day of this year in Accra, Ghana. I found myself at an impromptu gig that Moses arranged in the garden of one of Accra’s newest exhibition centres—the Nubuke Foundation. As I watched the crowd spiritually connect to his unique storytelling, I took comfort in the fact that his sexuality was present only on the back burner to his experiences.’

‘As a Black gay Ghanaian man growing up in London, watching him moved me. Moses not only journals the relationships between friends, but there is also focus on the blurred lines of lovers in queer sexual groups in a way I’ve yet to come across.’

Cobbie Yates

DONATE ‘…to the Kaleidoscope Trust, who work to uphold the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people internationally.’

Bex Wilson

‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.’

Oscar Wilde