Aesop Lamb's Conduit Street

Aesop Lamb's Conduit store interior

Situated in London’s West End, Aesop Lambs Conduit Street was created in collaboration with local design studio James Plumb. Once home to the Bloomsbury group of writers, artists and philosophers, this is a neighbourhood in which we are entirely at home, given our long-term engagement with the cultural sphere.

The street is named for William Lambe, who in 1577 funded reconstruction of a conduit to carry water to the city from local springs. This heritage was one of the primary inspirations for the 75-square metre interior, which employs gently flowing water in several contexts, emphasising its capacity to absorb and reflect. Another influence was the notion that certain ‘elemental’ materials embody a comforting sense of innate permanence.

Copper shelving runs along the retail area’s left wall, patinated to a rich dark tone, sealed with natural wax, and fitted with copper inserts that raise product display above a constant stream of water. In the adjoining space, a more dramatic projection is achieved in a sculptural installation in which water drips from a copper quill into a vessel below – referencing the ‘quill’ pipes used by past residents to connect the conduit to their grounds. From here, visitors can proceed into a handsome garden room styled in the manner of a traditional conservatory, and into the garden beyond. Flooring of reclaimed quarry tiles leads the journey from one space to the next; the subdued, inky palette throughout was influenced by selected paintings of Dora Carrington.

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