Well-being Through Winter

With the coming of cooler months, our thoughts transition inwards as our bodies move indoors. To combat the drying effect of wintry winds and heated air, we recommend a change in your daily rituals.

Skin feels parched, with a finer texture

Sharp, chilled winds and indoor-heating weaken the surface barrier and can make it difficult to keep the skin properly hydrated. Consider softly warming up your interior rather than overheating by indulging generous amounts of herbal tea. To help promote normal levels of moisture, select a hydrator that offers deep replenishment while providing a barrier of protection for especially blustery days.

Skin feels tight and dehydrated after cleansing

Hard or overly hot water on winter skin can disturb its delicate surface, leaving the face feeling dehydrated and tight. We suggest tepid water and a gentle towel-down for the comfort of the skin. Consider using non-foaming, gentle cleansers in cream or oil format. Rich in nourishing fatty acids and botanical oils, these leave the skin thoroughly cleansed without aggravating the surface.

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Skin looks dull and tired

Hard at work fighting winter maladies, harsh conditions, and stress, our bodies—and therefore our skin—may feel dull and tired. Care for mind, body, and skin with a meticulously considered diet rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants and proper nighttime repose. Introduce nourishing oils and vitamin-rich skin care in instances where the skin feels especially fatigued by the season. We also advocate long and restful nights to restore both body and skin.

‘Behold the groves that shine with silver frost, their beauty withered, and their verdure lost.’

Alexander Pope