A Serpentine Galleries & Aesop event: The expressions of water

As observed in the Serpentine Pavilion, the presence of water—the ripples and refractions cast from nature into a shallow pool—can alter our experience of time, space and self. Exploring the expressions of water within architecture, as well as the mounting issue of resourcing, an evening panel co-hosted with the Serpentine Galleries will draw attention to water as a living element and as a catalyst for community.
Featuring a selection of architects and activists, including speakers from Something & Son and Raumlabor, the panel will be chaired by art and design lecturer, Jane Withers. Refreshments will also be provided throughout the evening.

‘If the day begins to cloud over, or if the sun begins to shine more, with the reflections on the ceiling or in the water this will be immediately visible.’

Frida Escobedo