Aesop Harbour City

Aesop Harbour City interior

Aesop recently opened in Harbour City, the largest and most diverse shopping mall in Hong Kong. Created in collaboration with Mavis Yip, Kian Yam and Kwanho Li - designers of Mlkk Studio. The design was inspired by local crafting traditions, with the impetus to create a welcoming and calming retail space.

Constructed in-situ, the curvilinear form of the pebble wash sculptural piece promotes fluid movement through the space, and provide a strong visual anchor. Smooth on the surface, rich in texture, and sustainable in nature, the use of pebble wash was once popular in Hong Kong and Southern China, and played an important role in shaping public spaces.

The pebble wash shelving also forms various degrees and radius of curvatures throughout the space, showcasing skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. In keeping with the delicate execution of a simpler aesthetic, the colour palette is subtle, focusing instead on the textural contrast between the pebble wash and the natural pigment lime paint coating the ceiling.

At Aesop Harbour City, clients can explore and select from a complete range of skin, hair and body care products, distinguished by botanical and laboratory-generated ingredients of the highest quality. The store’s trained consultants are able to offer advice about products best suited to individual needs.

Aesop was founded in Melbourne in 1987 and today offers its superlative formulations in signature stores around the world. As the company evolves, meticulously considered design remains paramount to the creation of each space.

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