Aesop Fremont

Aesop Fremont store interior

A warm response to setting and history

Our first Seattle store is located in Fremont, where the neighbourhood motto of ‘Des libertas quirkas’ or ‘Freedom to be peculiar’ struck an immediately appealing note.
The design for the 140-square metre space, created by our in-house Design Department, was inspired primarily by the porous look and mineral quality of Fremont’s public sculptures. Hence the interior began with three demonstration sinks crafted from natural stone, set towards the front.
From here, a cavernous yet welcoming environment unfolds. Natural light from a diagonal plane of street-facing windows gradually recedes into shadow, absorbed by walls shaded a warm brown. Beyond, visitors encounter an outsized point-of-sale, coated in petrol blue in correspondence with nearby Fremont Bridge and illuminated by a sculptural installation of pendant lamps.
The ceiling’s original timber beams add a sense of warmth, while oxidised steel, used for shelving, sink cabinets and the point-of sale surface, provides discreet material and textural accents.

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