We are thrilled to invite you to a complimentary skin care workshop at Aesop Oberdorfstrasse. These two-hour sessions are a convivial way of improving the effectiveness of daily ablutions.

Seated in a small group around a table arrayed with a bountiful haul of Aesop skin care products, you will learn to recognize those best suited to your individual needs. As the skin starts its yearly adaptation to warmer weather, our specially-trained consultants will assist in adjusting your existing habits to the change in external conditions.

They will demonstrate the best methods for applying your personal selections to the face-something that you will also be able to do, as you would at home. In keeping with our current fixation on delicate yet thorough cleansing (following the release of our first Cleansing Milk), the focus will be on ridding the surface of grime and excess sebum-a crucial first step on the way to healthy, resplendent skin. We will then move on to the rest of a well-considered skin-care routine-including toners, hydrators, and more, including custom blends for the most adventurous attendees.

Refreshments will be served throughout, and you are most welcome to bring a guest-just kindly let us know when making your reservation.