Rozu Eau de Parfum on chair design by Charlotte Periand, with shadow of Ikebana in the background.
Brazen and delicate

Rōzu Eau de Parfum

A complex evolution of the rose, our fourth fragrance is underpinned by green, woody and lightly smoky notes—unmistakably floral, yet nuanced and expansive.

A superlative selection

Favoured formulations

Explore a collection of long-standing formulations and Aesop classics.




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An Aesop gel cleanser being poured from bottle into hand. Texture is important in selecting the best cleanser for your face.
Cleansing formulas

A ritual to remove impurities

Explore a range of effective yet gentle cleansing formulations, to suit all skin types.

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Hygiene in any habitat

Resurrection Hand Purifying Duet is a new duo to ensure impeccable hygiene, wherever the day takes you.

Resurrection Duet

‘Rose, O pure contradiction…’

Rainer Maria Rilke