Aesop Zen interior

A space of relaxed but refined domesticity

Situated within Bangkok’s ZEN retail centre, our fourth Thailand counter exudes a genteel but relaxed atmosphere, with a material palette of linen, timber and powder-coated steel that is muted yet warm, quietly ushering customers from bustling surrounds.
Walls and ceiling panelled in vintage burlap are complemented by the natural hues of Oak flooring. These understated tones are offset by brass accents, including tapware and a generous sink for product demonstrations. Two sturdy counters with softly radiused edges are set opposite each other, instilling a sense of balance and linear harmony.
A touch of verdant foliage by the point of sale references the region’s vibrant tropical landscapes. Along the rear wall, recessed powder-coated steel shelving displays the Aesop range to handsome, orderly effect.

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